Wooden Floor Truss Span Chart

Floor Truss Span Chart

The following is a guide only. Check with your builder or local truss manufacturer. The rows in the chart provide the height (or depth) of the truss and the columns the measurement on-center between each truss.

Example: An 18" high truss placed apart 12 inches on-center, would span 30 feet 5 inches.

Truss Height 12" OC 16" OC 19.2" OC 24" OC
12" 20ft 6in 20ft 6in 20ft 1in 17ft 11in
14" 23ft 11in 23ft 10in 22ft 1in 19ft 7in
16" 27ft 3in 26ft 0in 23ft 9in 22ft 1in
18" 30ft 5in 27ft 11in 25ft 4in 22ft 6in
20" 33ft 11in 29ft 7in 26ft 10in 23ft 10in
22" 36ft 3in 31ft 2in 28ft 3in 25ft 1in
24" 37ft 11in 32ft 7in 29ft 7in 26ft 3in