Chrome Reading List

How to Locate and Download

The Chrome browser has a convenient feature called the reading list that can be used to store links to artcles that you'd like to keep and/or read later. The list is only accessible via the browser plugin. A search for the content of the list on your local machine will be fruitless. There is however, a way to download it. The step by step guide below provides the process to download the reading list and can also be used to download the following additional data:

  • Autofill
  • Bookmarks
  • BrowserHistory
  • Dictionary
  • Extensions
  • SearchEngines
  • SyncSettings
  • Steps

    How to export and download the reading list

    1. Go to myaccount.google.com.
      • Alternatively, if you are already on a google page such as gmail or a google search result page, click on your profile icon at the top right of the page and select "Manage Your Google Account"
    2. Select "Data & Privacy" from the left side menu
    3. Select "Data from apps and services you use" located under the "Your data and privacy options" section.
      • The above step is a shortcut that scrolls the page to a larger section called "Data from apps and services you use", which can also be reached by manually scrolling down the page.
    4. Select "Download your data" located under a subsection called "Download or delete your data"
      • The above step takes you to a page called "Google Takeout", where all the available files for download will be pre-selected by default
    5. Click on "Deselect all" under "Products in the "Create a new export" section
    6. Scroll to the "Chrome" section and check the box to right. This will activate links called: "Multiple formats" and "All Chrome data included"
    7. Select "All Chrome data included" (a list of chrome data files will pop up)
    8. Select "Deselect all"
    9. then select "Reading List"
      or any other you'd like to download [list include: Autofill, Bookmark, BrowserHistory, Dictionary, Extension, ReadingList, SearchEngine, SyncSettings
    10. then click "ok"
    11. Scroll to bottom of page and click "Next step"
    12. The next section called "Choose file type, frequency & destination" will be presented
    13. Select the delivery method you would like from the drop down menu of options. The default is be "Send download link via email"
      • (the alternatives are "Add to Drive, Add to Drop box, Add to OneDrive, Add to Box")
    14. Select the frequency of delivery. The default is "Export once"
      • (the alternative is to "export every 2 months for 1 year")
    15. Select the file type you would like from the drop down menu of options. The default is ".zip"
      • (the alternative is ".tgz")
    16. Select the maximum file size you would like from the drop down menu of options. The deault is "2GB".
      • Other options are "1GB, 4GB, 10GB, 50GB. Exports larger than this size will be split into multiple files up to the size limit selected.
    17. Select "Create Export"
    18. The export will begin and you will eventually be taken to a page called Manage your exports where there is the option to download the reading list file.

    A copy of the file (or a link to it) will also be sent the delivery method you chose in addition to being able to download it from the Manage your exports page.

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