How to send a text message from your Email

SMS and MMS Gateways

Ocassionally you may need to send a text message to someone's phone, from your email account. This can be done as long as you know the recipient's phone number and cell service provider.

Email to SMS Gateways

This is achieved by sending a short email to an Email SMS (Short Message Service) gateway. To send an email to someone's phone as a text message, compose an email, but rather than entering an email address in the recipient input field, insert the 10-digit phone number of the recipient with the appropriate @gateway address behind it.

We have a compiled a quick reference below, of the most common providers and their corresponding gateway addresses. There are two type of text messages on a phone, SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Message Service). SMS Gateways send simple text messages and MMS gateways can send text, pictures and videos. Both are provided, where a service is available.

Note: SMS gateways break messages into a set of consecutive 160-character, or shorter. This may happen in the middle of words so its best to limit messages to 160 characters or less.

US Service Providers

US service require the full 10-digit telephone number (area + number)
Provider Email to SMS gateway MMS gateway
AT&T insert 10-digit number @txt.att.net @mms.att.net
Cricket Wireless insert 10-digit number @sms.mycricket.com @mms.cricketwireless.net
Sprint insert 10-digit number @messaging.sprintpcs.com @pm.sprint.com
T-Mobile insert 10-digit number @tmomail.net @tmomail.net
Verizon insert 10-digit number @vtext.com @vzwpix.com
Virgin Mobile insert 10-digit number @vmobl.com @vmpix.com

Other Countries Service Providers

Provider Email to SMS gatewayCountry
Optus number @optusmobile.com.auAustralia
elstra 0number @online.telstra.com.auAustralia
Claro insert 10-digit number @clarotorpedo.com.brBrazil
Vivo insert 10-digit number @torpedoemail.com.brBrazil
Bell Mobility number @txt.bell.caCanada
Rogers number @sms.rogers.comCanada
Telus Mobility number @msg.telus.comCanada
China Mobile number @139.comChina
Claro number @iclaro.com.coColumbia
Claro number @iclaro.net.doDominica
Claro number @iclaro.net.doDominica
Omnitel 0number @mail.omnitel.itItaly
Vodaphone number @sms.vodafone.itItaly
Aircel number @aircel.co.inInida
Aircel Tamil Nadu number @airsms.comIndia
AirTel 91number @airtelmail.comIndia
AirTel Andhra Pradesh 91number @airtelap.comIndia
AirTel Kerala 91number @airtelkerala.comIndia
AirTel Kolkata 91number @airtelkol.comIndia
AirTel Tamil Nadu 91number @airtelmobile.comIndia
BPL mobile number @bplmobile.comIndia
Celforce / Fascel number @celforce.comIndia
Chennai Skycell / Airtel 91number @airtelchennai.comIndia
Escotel number @escotelmobile.comIndia
Idea Cellular number @ideacellular.netIndia
Orange number @orangemail.co.inIndia
Digicel 876number @digitextjm.comJamaica
Lime 876number @txt2lime.comJamaica
NTT Docomo number @docomo.ne.jpJapan
Nextel number @msgnextel.com.mxMexico
Iusacell number @rek2.com.mxMexico
Telcel (America Movil) number @itelcel.comMexico
O2 44number @mmail.co.ukUK
Orange 44number @orange.netUK
T-Mobile 44number @t-mobile.uk.netUK
Vigin Mobile 44number @vmoble.comUK
Vodaphone 44number @vodafone.netUK

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