How to safely pack and transport a car battery

Car batteries and deep cycle 12 volt batteries are most often made of lead acid, toxic fluids and electrical compartments, so it is important you transport the automotive battery with care. The following is a guideon how to safely pack and transport a car battery so that it does not leak fluids and cause danger or damage to surrounding items.

Wrapping a car battery

With many heavy metals and toxic chemicals inside a car battery, it is very important to both wrap and box it properly before placing it in a truck or car with other items. The best material to wrap a battery in is thick cloth in the case that it leaks during transport. Using an old towel would be the best bet, however, an old sheet would do as well. Simply sit the battery in the middle of the towel or sheet and fold the sides of the cloth up and around the battery, completely covering it on all sides.

After it is totally covered, take duct tape and secure the material over the battery. Wrap duct tape on all four sides as if you were putting a ribbon on a present. This way the material is sure to cover the battery and readily absorb any chemicals that may leak from it during the transport.

Boxing a car battery

After covering the battery in cloth, place it in a box slightly larger than the object itself. Make sure to place battery on its bottom and not to place it upside down. Once the battery is in the box, take newspaper and pack it tightly around all sides, securing the device in place so it does not get tossed around during transport. Duct tape the top of the box, completely enclosing the battery inside. Make sure to label the box both "Fragile" and "This Side Up" so the box is handled carefully and remains upright at all times.

Storing a car battery on a truck or car

Once the battery is both wrapped and boxed, you can now place it in either a truck or in your own vehicle trunk or back seat. No matter where or what vehicle you place battery in assure you put it in a secure spot so it stays in place. Try to keep the boxed battery away from other items in the case the lead acid seeps through the covering and box and onto adjacent materials that could cause danger or permanent damage.

Recycling a car battery

Simply throwing a battery in the garbage, risks both soil contamination and water pollution when it is dumped in a landfill. Counties and cities typically have recycling posts for recycling of batteries, or alternatively, use the Call2Recycle site for more options.