Personal Breathalizers

In the United States, you are considered to be legally intoxicated and prohibited from driving a vehicle if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08% or greater.

Breathalyzers measure the alcohol that passes through alveoli air sacs as blood flows through vessels in the lungs, and is then expelled on a subject’s breath.

The key features to look for in a personal breathalyzer follow:


Fuel-cell sensors is the technology used in the brethalyzers used by law enforcers. It provides the most precise measurement of your BAC, providing the highest degree of accuracy, consistency and dependability. They tend to be a bit more pricey. Fuel cell sensors rely on an electrochemical process that oxidizes the alcohol in a breath sample. The oxidization produces an electrical current that the breathalyzer measures to determine the BAC; the higher the strength of the current, the greater the volume of alcohol present in the sample.

There are other types of sensors such as semi-conductor sensors, but these are nearly not as accurate as fuel-cell ones.

Easy to use

Complexity in operation is the last thing you want when intoxicated.

Easy to read and understand

A backlit model are best in dim lighting. Bigger and brighter numbers are better.

Ability to Recalibrate

Over time, as a breathalyzer is used, its sensor becomes saturated, and the results of the device can drift. Breathalyzers, especially fuel cell models, with the option to replace sensors, or recalibrate by the user or a qualified person, provides are better options to those that do not have these options.

BACtrack Mobile

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Transforms your smartphone,iPhone or Android, into a breathalyzer. Uses a device with fuel-cell sensors that connects to your phone via bluetooth. The free BACtrack app quickly and easily measures your BAC, saves and tracks BAC results over time, and assists with calling Uber. , with police-grade accuracy. The inbuilt ZeroLine technology estimates when your BAC will return to 0.00%.

The Pro-Tec Professional Grade Breathalyzer

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The Pro-Tec X2000 is a professional grade breathalyzer for prefessional and personal use, with a simple one click operation. It uses fuel cell sensor providing highly accurate results with readings from 0.000% to 0.200%. It is equipped with a blowing interrupt detection and a recalibration alarm.

BACtrack s80 Professional

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The Bactrack S80, a professional grade breathalyzer for prefessional and personal use, uses a fuel cell sensor that delivers a high degree of accuracy. It uses a simple one-button operation with a 4 digit easy to read LCD display. The manufacturer recommends returning the device for calibration periodically. For their Pro Grade breathalyzers they recommend at least every 12 months, and the non-Pro Grade units closer to every 6 months.