HTML Color Codes and Hex Values

Why red, green, blue?

Remember your elementary school art lessons? The primary colors from which all other colors are derived are: red, yellow, blue (plus the shades of black and white).

In the world of TVs and computer monitors, however, the primary colors are red, green, and blue. The reason? In school we were taught the art of subtractive color mixing, wherease display monitors uses the process of additive mixing. By starting with red, green and blue, the color yellow can be created from the composite color, Green, which a combination of yellow and blue.

Other Useful Text/HTML Tools

Remove extra whitespace Tool

This tool removes multiple whitespace and tabs from text and replaces them with a single whitespace. It can also optionally delete all tabs or replace them with a single space.


Paste text in the box below, then press Execute. Results will appear in the bottom box.

Replace whitespaces with a single space and delete all tabs
Replace both multiple whitespaces and tabs with a single space